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On you will find the best friv games out there. We are not just updating the website, we are offering you the most interesting friv games you can ever play: from 3D action and racing games, to logical and puzzle new flash games and a lot more of frivs with sports, arcades and dress up new games. We are constantly refreshing our content so the best games we have are brought on the front page and the worst are removed so you don't waste your time. So, for the best gaming hours, enter on Dabidoo and play games from the best online gaming resource with your friends or even alone. You will not get bored and remember: is your source of friv and new games!

3D Games Online are the newest trend in games technology. Based on Shockwave and Unity plays, these 3D Games will make your day and for sure will help you escape from boredom with the magic of games.

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Our players can find tops of the most played games, top rated and also the games we consider the best. The homepage is full of flash games that could make your day a great one. When it comes to fun online, Dabidoo is the best portal to be on. The website also has a neat reporting system, so you can indicate to us what games are not working properly and we will fix them very fast. Because we are trying to offer our visitors the best gaming experience, we always try to bring on our website the very best and newest technologies in gaming and online fun: we are now focusing on multiplayer and social games, but also on 3D games new tech like Shockwave and Unity. The age of flash gaming is almost over so we embrace the new wave of fun players.

We are also thinking about girls players out there. Knowing that most of the games online are especially for boys, we do try to make updates also with barbie and dress up games so little girls can play too. always tries to keep a very safe environment for children, so we do not have very violent or explicit friv games here. You can let your kids play and know that they are safe with us. Also, no dangerous software will be ever found. The portal is hosted on a very powerful and safe server, maintained by capable people.

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