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Royal Protectors

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Game Description: A new wave of undead, zombies and goblins are attacking the land. The Archmage must protect and repel the attack once again in order to keep all of us safe from this menace.

Help the mage to defend the lands by creating the ultimate defense by building different towers in order to attack all the enemies. If the opponent army is too strong than you can use different spells to restore the balance of the fight. Be careful! You mustn't let your enemies to destroy the Archmage. Once he is gone, we will be lost. Also, improve your towers and skill because the enemy will grow stronger and stronger.

Use arrow keys or W, A, S, D to navigate the map, Enter or N to start a new wave, Spacebar or E to change speed, P to pause and M to mute the sound. To create a tower just drag and drop the unit you want to create to the place where do you want to have it by pressing and holding the left click mouse button. Now go and save us all!   Or maybe you want another game:
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