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Raze 3

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Game Description: Remember the Raze series? This time, it brings you a new exciting version of one of your favourite games!

Its story is surely fascinating. Ten years ago, the human history has been changed forever. The Aliens invaded the Earth and almost destroyed it and its population. Though, the humanity succeeded in building a new home for people up in the skies while trying to save and repair what is left on the ground. You, as a part of one of the Express Training Programs initiated by the military, have the mission to defeat all the enemies on the Earth and, finally, save your planet. Name your character, train yourself and get ready for the battle of your life!

Controlling your fighter requires using the arrow keys in order to move, the left click mouse button to shoot and spacebar to jump. Remember to upgrade your character and to gain more and more achievements! Select your weapon and fight! Good luck, soldier!   Or maybe you want another game:
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