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Monster Mass Clashes 2

Play Monster Mass Clashes 2
Game Description: A new clash of monsters has begun! Everyone is trying to conquer as many bases as they can, but only one will survive this war.

Use your defense and attacking skills in order to win a battle. Use different monsters to attack or counterattack your enemy or create them to defend yourself. You will need to think your strategy and you must not create randomly creatures that you won't need or else you will definitely lose. After each battle, try to upgrade your units to win battles easier or to resist to your enemy attacks. Also, as an ultimate defense, you can throw rocks at your enemy if you want to stop them.

Use your left click mouse button to select the units you want to create. Also, to throw a rock, press and hold left click then release to launch. Now go and destroy all of your enemies!   Or maybe you want another game:
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