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Mad Burger 2

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Game Description: Being a tourist may seem fun, relaxing and pretty amazing. But how does it sounds to you the fact that all the tourists in your area are starving to death? Are your cooking skills that good so you can feed all of them? Prove it!

You, as a professional chef, are given the mission to make burgers for each hungry man in the camping. There are a lot of people who are waiting for food, but keep in mind that if you throw the burgers at farthest, you will receive more money. It helps you afford much more ingredients, more upgrades and bonuses. Be careful and avoid all the obstacles that slow you down and, at the same time, collect as many ingredients and bonuses you can.

Launching the burger requires only pressing the left click mouse button. Remember that you have to keep it in the air as much as possible, so reaching a longer distance will not be that hard. Good luck, chef!   Or maybe you want another game:
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