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Farm Mania

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Game Description: In Farm Mania you are playing a family of farmers that are trying to make a living out of what the land produces. All the products farmed here are turned into profit each time the plants are ripe and the animals well fed, so take good care of your farm and make sure everything is in order all the time.

The main thing to keep in mind is that multitasking is your friend. There are plenty of things to do on the farm, so you always have to pay attention to everything is going on around you and perform all the things you need in due time.

For example, once you plant a seed, you must remember to go back and first water it, then remove all the nasty weed and then collect the fruit of your labor. This is a very satisfying game, because it doesn’t take long for the first crop to grow.

As soon as you have your first pumpkin, you can deliver it to the market and the delivery boy will immediately bring you back your profit. You can then reinvest that profit in your own farm by buying more seeds or tools to make your work easier.

The further you advance in the game, you will see that more valuable plants are available for you to buy, as well as more useful tools. The more money you make, the better the upgrades and products that you buy at the shop, so try to make as much money in one round as possible, because that is they key to being successful.

After a while of growing crops, you will see that you can also have a couple of farm animals around that you can also score as points. The most important thing is to keep feeding them and giving them water when they need it, otherwise they will not grow fast enough.

You are on a race against time, actually, because each round is timed and your success is not only measured by how much money you make, but also how fast you manage to achieve the goals set in each level.

Each time you finish a level you must keep in mind to go to the shop and see what seeds, animals and tools you are recommended to buy, in order to complete the next level. This game is all about being efficient with a limited amount of resources, so try your best and watch your farm develop.   Or maybe you want another game:
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