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Defend your nuts 2

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Game Description: Nuts, nuts and nuts again. Your nuts are under attack for the second time, in a very short period of time. It seems that these nuts are attracting all kinds of monsters. Maybe they are so delicious that no one can resist them.

Many days must pass before everything it will become as it was before. 25 days to be more precisely. In these days, you must help the little squirrel to protect it's nuts from being taken by those skeletons, ogres or other spooky creatures. It's kinda hard to do this alone, 'cause there are a lot of hungry creatures that are coming to you. Anyway, you have a little advantage. You will have different weapons to stop the enemy attack. Also, you can upgrade your weapons to inflict more damage. But you have to watch your ammo, 'cause not all your weapons have unlimited ammo, only your bow is with unlimited arrows. To get ammunition for other weapons you need to find it while eliminating creatures. To choose a weapon, press 1-4 keys to select it. About shooting. You must aim with your mouse and then you must press and hold Left click to select the power of your shot, then release Left click to make the shot. If your shot is powerful, then it will be more accurately.

Also, to inflict great damage, you need to aim for their head, the classic headshot. As the days will past, the harder it will become, so you must take some other tactics like building an wall against those creatures. It will help you a lot, but you have to repair it after each day or upgrade it. For upgrading, you will need some coins that will be dropped by your enemy and you must roll with your Mouse over them to collect it. So, stop your enemies before your nuts will be taken.   Or maybe you want another game:
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