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Civilizations Wars 2: Prime

Play Civilizations Wars 2: Prime
Game Description: Remember the first game of the Civilizations Wars series? Who doesn't? Get ready for a new game in which you have more enemies to destroy, more basements to conquer and more quests to do! Prepare for ambushes, magic, unexpected opponents and astonishing missions you have to complete!

You are a strong fighter from the Middle Ages with an impressive army under your control. Your mission is to defeat all your adversaries and their soldiers by conquering their castles and killing each one of them. Pay attention to the fact that you could have stronger and faster fighters by owning certain buildings. Also, remember that the more quests you do, the more rewards you gain.

In order to start an attack, you need to click and hold the left click mouse button over your building, select your target and then release. Develop your strategy, take all the facts in consideration and...attack! Good luck!   Or maybe you want another game:
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