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Ancient Planet

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Game Description: An ancient race, also known as the Hamalians, had a strong desire to conquer the Earth. Those creatures truly believed that our planet belonged to them, based on the discussion they had had at the Galaxy Colonization Council. At some point, other creatures commented on their invasion, a fact which displeased the Hamalians. At that time, they were more determined to invade the Earth. Their real problem was our people. You, as our commander, have the mission to create a powerful defence system which will prove to our enemies that they have no chance to conquer us. Upgrade the towers around the base and show the Hamalians who we really are.

In order to protect your base and to successfully defeat your enemies, you only need to use the left click mouse button. Develop your own strategy and enjoy the results. It is up to you if you want to play this game online or offline. The war has started! Good luck!   Or maybe you want another game:
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